Socials Final

     This is my socials final project (and I guess also my final Talons project). 

     I based it around the following theme statement: societies function in a perpetual cycle of recognition, reaction, rebuilding, and repetition.    Realization is the step in which the average citizen becomes enlightened (the whole cycle is powered by the enlightened citizen).  As they become enlightened they can become aware of a flaw or crisis.  The second step, reaction, is the step in which a group of people band together to stand up and dismantle the previously uncovered flaw.  The third step, rebuilding, is the step in which was was previously dismantled is replaced with a hopefully improved system.  The final step, repetition, is the step in which another flaw is uncovered.  After the final step, the cycle begins again.

      I used each quarter of the piece to represent one of the four steps.  The first step is the top right corner, I repeated the image of the eye upwards to show how when an individual becomes aware, they are able to see beyond themselves and gain a heightened perspective.  The second step, on the bottom right corner, shows how when an individual gains power when they stand up against a flaw.  I used lightning bolts because they represent power, but are also uncontrollable and erratic.  The bottom left corner shows the third step, rebuilding.  I used magazine clippings to rebuild the face, I wanted to use a rougher medium to show how the process of rebuilding is messy and imperfect.  The final step, in the top right corner, represents repetition.  I added a copy of the original image emerging from the base, but tore a hole in the eye to show that it still hasn’t reached perfection.  

     I also posted a higher resolution copy of the image on my Flickr.

Thanks for everything.  It’s been a wild year, but I had a ton of fun :))))