These past two weeks I have been focusing on working on using new techniques and continuing my visual journal.

     In my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to begin testing out the photo soaking technique that Ms. Lightburn showed me in our meeting.  I looked through some of my families old doubles and found some photos that I wanted to experiment with.  The whole process took about ten minutes per photo, I would start by soaking the photos in warm water for about two minutes, dry them off, then begin to scratch away layers of the photo with a needle, I also used a pairing knife to pull away large pieces of the photo.  I posted photos of the results as well as new photos of my visual journal on my Flickr.

    I was really pleased with the results and intend on using this method in future projects.  I like that I am able to add texture to the otherwise flat photos, and like the added color that it provides as well.  In the future I want to start trying more intricate patterns over the entire photo, and experiment with using different tools. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get into the darkroom to begin making photo grams since our regular meeting time was disrupted by the grade 12 exit interviews.  I will be able to work on my photo grams next week, as all the chemicals have been mixed and the darkroom is all set up.

     I have also been working on using my ultimate journal during my scheduled times, which was going very well last week.  This week I’ve been quite a bit busier and have haven’t had a lot of time to spare, but I am still trying to keep to the schedule as much as I can, and hopefully eventually it will become a part of my natural schedule.

     Over the next two weeks I would like to continue work in my ultimate journal as well as continuing to experiment with a variety of techniques.  I would also like to begin work on my photo grams and start brainstorming ideas for my next project.

De Bono 

    De Bono uses concepts as a way to carry out other ideas.  One can use concepts to generate more specific ideas that branch off of the original concept.  De Bono states “Concepts are not always complete but they carry important aspects of what is being thought or done” (121), I find this to be true, as often times when my mentor and I are brainstorming ideas for projects we don’t begin with a very specific idea.  As our conversation continues we gradually discuss more and more specific ideas and eventually arrive to a very specific point where we can begin work on the project.  I also find that this idea comes up when I use my visual journal.  If I’m feeling bored and decide to use my visual journal I wont begin with an exact plan of what I want to do, I will begin with sketching or laying out some ideas and then gradually building off that point into greater and greater detail.  I think this method of using concepts is effective because it allows for ideas to branch off organically and naturally from one main point, De Bono states, “Concepts are rarely complete.  Concepts capture the main ‘essence’ but may no cover all aspects” (113).

     De Bono explains that alternatives are a crucial to having a beautiful mind.  De Bono states “Alternatives are the opposite of rigidity.  Being unwilling to look for alternatives indicates a very rigid mind that does not seek a better view of the world or a better way of doing things”(122).  When one is able to make alternatives they are showing that they are flexible and able to adapt, as well as showing their maturity.  One example of when my mentor has offered my alternatives is when we first decided we wanted to create photo grams.  We both agreed that we wanted to make photo grams, but knew that it would be a couple weeks until we would be able to get into the dark room.  She then offered some ideas of what we could do in the meantime, work on a new project, do research into other areas, or spend time gathering more ideas for photo grams.  After being presented with the alternatives we decided that a mix of working on a new project and doing research would be most appropriate.  We then we started experimenting with soaking photos, and decided that it would be interesting to de research into other people visual journals.  She shared a website called 1000 journals which is a website where people share photos of their visual journals (here’s the link).  I think this is a good example of using alternatives as she presented me with many alternatives and together discussed which was the best option, this way we were both able to give our opinions and make a decision together.