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Tiny House Overview

     For my tiny house project overview there are three main points I’d like to go over.  Firstly, what I accomplished in the time frame I had.   Secondly, what I learned over the course of this project.  Finally, future… Continue Reading →

Social, Constructed, Natural

     Recently, I created a series of three pieces inspired by human ecology.  I centered the pieces around the idea that humans interact in social, constructed, and natural environments.  By using three different sheets of trace paper with white… Continue Reading →

Comparing House Designs

In this blog post I will be comparing two different designs of houses, an A-Frame house, and a modern Japanese style house.  Iv’e created a Prezi to do so.  The link is here.

Tiny House Design Wishlist

     Over the past couple weeks I’ve been researching several aspects of architecture: tiny house design, basic architectural principals, Japanese architecture etc.  I’ve been putting together many aspects into a list of things I would like to incorporate into… Continue Reading →

Socials Final (Goodbye)

     This is my socials final project (and I guess also my final Talons project).       I based it around the following theme statement: societies function in a perpetual cycle of recognition, reaction, rebuilding, and repetition.    Realization… Continue Reading →

Found Poem

     For my found poem I used page 54 and 55.  These pages are mostly about totem poles and describes how they decay over time.  As I read this page it reminded me of my trip to Skedans and… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Week Thirteen and Fourteen – Re purposing

 These past two weeks I have been focusing on working on using new techniques and continuing my visual journal.      In my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to begin testing out the photo soaking technique that Ms…. Continue Reading →

Defining Canada and the Influence of Confederation on the Arts

Spark of Interest      For this inquiry blog post I decided I wanted to learn about how confederation influenced art at the time.  I’ve always been interested in art history in general, and took this opportunity to learn a little… Continue Reading →

In-Depth week Twelve – Moving forward

March 31, 2017      The past couple of weeks have been spent mostly on working on my visual journal and continuing discussions with my mentor.      Over spring break I was able to fill in quite a few… Continue Reading →

Luce Cuvillier – Journal Entry #2

August 7th 1866,      Today marks the fifth anniversary of the first of my charity dinners for elderly, and disabled women.  I am proud of my work, and find that their popularity increases along with the progression of our… Continue Reading →

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